Information on Our Services

Housing and Transportation - We provide emergency housing to women who need to leave an abusive relationship immediately. In addition, we provide assistance with the cost of relocating to a secure location. For our clients, we also assist with ensuring you have dependable transportation.

Legal Advice and Counsel - If you need legal advice and counsel we can refer you to local attorneys who may be able to help. We provide workshops on wills, how to structure a power of attorney, and how to file pro se divorce documents.

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Budgeting and Financial Education - Improve your understanding of all things financial, from budgeting, to credit scores, to savings we help you gain economic independence. Classes will be offered quarterly. Registration is required.

Court Approved Parenting Seminar - Our court approved parenting seminar prepares you to parent from an emotionally healthy place post divorce or separation. Classes are offered monthly and focus on all material required by Tennessee statute, including new requirements related to Adverse Childhood Experiences. We will file a certificate with the court upon your completion of the seminar. Registration is required.

Bi-Weekly Support Group - We  care about the state of your soul. Come find fellowship, healing, and support in a safe environment in our Soul Care support group. Registration is required.

Assistance With Basic Needs - For women in our A.I.M. Program we strive to ensure that basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are met. If you need basic support after leaving an abusive relationship, contact us today.


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