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Our Training Modules are designed to educate you and your team on some of the important aspects of domestic abuse. Depending on the module you select, we will cover topics on the relationship between domestic abuse, adverse childhood experiences and trauma. Each training module incorporates the cycle of abuse and the power and control wheel. These topics are key to understanding how abuse happens and the dynamic that makes it difficult for victims to leave harmful relationships.


Please contact us today for a consultation and learn which option is best for you. 

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All training requires at least six registered participants, except the "In Her Shoes" training. For the "In Her Shoes" training, a minimum of 10 participants is required and no more than 15 participants may be registered for one training session. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance.


Training costs for all workshops is $50.00 per participant. If you are a nonprofit organization, please contact us for information on nonprofit pricing and scheduling. 

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