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Notebook and Pen

Every Journey Begins with a Story

The story of The Women's Advocacy Center began in August 2018. Following God's call to move out into the deep, I left my career as an attorney to follow where I believed He was leading. In March of 2019, three friends joined me on this journey - Pam Adams, Daynette Blackwell, and Kathy Howard Yoakum. We've been together since.


Together, we committed to a holistic approach to this ministry focusing on the whole woman - body, mind, and spirit. We also committed to giving voice to the issue of domestic abuse while walking with survivors as they moved away from being victims. There were some hard days, but we also witnessed some amazing transformations.


Guided by Matthew 19:26, which teaches "All things are possible with God", we brought hope to the women we served and helped them believe what was possible for their lives. In the process, we have cried, grown, laughed, and given ourselves away to this work. It is our privilege to continue this journey as we empower and support survivors of domestic abuse. 

R. Romona Jackson Founding President and CEO

The Women's Advocacy Center

Our mission is to empower and support survivors of domestic abuse in East Shelby County. We do this by educating them on ways to gain economic independence and form healthy relationships, while stabilizing their families and strengthening their faith. 

Our vision is for communities in East Shelby County to become more engaged in helping to end cycles of abuse. We envision partners who help to establish and support programs, services, and a shelter for women who need assistance after leaving an abuser. Expectantly, we look to the day that we can offer a center where women can access resources such as childcare, counseling, our donation center, legal representation, and our support group in one location. 


Our beliefs are rooted in our faith. We believe in compassion without compromise; ethical behavior in all our relationships; fearless advocacy for the voiceless; good stewardship over what God has entrusted to us; love for God, ourselves, and others; inclusiveness; and time for fun, rest and stillness.


We value community and friendship. We value the strength of relationships. We value the power of God to transform families and individuals through the Gospel. 





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